Different types of Recording Modes in QTP?

Three Recording Modes in QTP with example

Quick test professional has designed with three different recording modes such as

  1. Default/Normal recording mode
  2. Analog/Keyword input recording mode
  3. Low Level recording mode

What is Default/Normal recording mode?

This recording mode is the default recording mode of QTP, When you open QTP and click on (F3) or press record button to set the Default recording mode, it used to record the objects and operation performed with the objects, In Default recording mode it … Read More.

How to use Text checkpoint in QTP?

Text checkpoint in QTP With Example.

Make sure that QTP and sample flight Application are open

Click on record toolbar button(or Automation menu->record or press F3) when record mode is selected, “Record and run settings” window opens up, Go to Windows Application” tab and choose first option “record and run on any open applications based application and click on ok button

To insert a order in the Flight reservation, do as follows

Enter the Date of Flight (with some future … Read More.

Parameterization using Action parameter in QTP

Parameterization is the process of replacing the constant/static values to a reusable parameter.

Parameterization using Action parameter in QTP (without using Data Table)

  1. Open QTP with a new blank test, in a new qtp test, select “Keyword view” Tab
  2. In the Keyword View right click on Action1 and select “Action Properties”, after clicking “Action properties” window opens.
  1. Go to “Parameters” tab, Click on “+” sign which is on the top right to add the parameters to the current action.
  2. Enter
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Parameterization in QTP with example

Parameterization is the process of replacing fixed values with parameters, by replacing fixed values with parameters Quick Test enables user to enlarge the scope of a basic test and increase the power and flexibility of the test, A parameter Is a variable that is assigned a value from an external data source or generator, Values in steps and checkpoints and also the values of action parameters can also be parameterized.

Step 1:

Take an example of Flight Reservation Application and … Read More.

Types of Environment variables in QTP?

There are two types of Environment variables are available in QTP, They are

Built in

Environment Variables in QTP

User Defined

Built in Environment Variables in QTP are:


Name Description
ActionIteration Indicates which action is currently running
ActionName Indicates which action is currently running
ControllerHostName name of the computer that serves as the control
GroupName Indicates Scenario Identification Number
LocalHostName Local Host Name
OS Operating System
OSVersion Operating System Version
ProductDir Indicates Folder path where the product is installed
ProductName Product Name
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How to use XML Checkpoints in QTP?

XML Checkpoints in QTP

XML checkpoints are used to check a specified XML file; It checks the data contents of XML Documents

Types of XML checkpoints

XML Checkpoints from application

Open QTP, Press F3(Recording), Select Insert-> Checkpoint->XML Checkpoint from application

After clicking the link qtp navigates to spy the objects in XML and adds each property.

XML Checkpoints (From Resource)

To add an XML File checkpoints, Do follow the below steps

Open QTP from Start Menu

Start Recording by pressing … Read More.

What are the Bitmap checkpoints in QTP?

Bitmap Checkpoints -Overview

QTP ‘s Quickest enables to compare objects in a web page or application by matching’s captured bitmaps, QTP allows to select a particular area of a web page to be tested.

Open QTP with a new blank test (Start->All programs->Quick test Professional -> Quick test Professional)

Open Flight Application From start Menu(Start->All programs-> Quick test Professional->Sample Application->Flight), Login window of Flight Reservation opens up

Type Agent name, should be 4 characters or more and enter password as … Read More.

How to spy an object in QTP using object spy tool?

Object spy in QTP

Object spy is the tool, which is used to spy the Test and run time objects for looking at properties and methods supported by object being spied.

The spy will be used to view the run time or test object properties and methods of any object in open application, use the object spy pointer to point an object, the object spy displays the selected objects’ hierarchy tree, it displays the run time or test object properties … Read More.