Best SEO techniques for a blog to get more visitors

Below are the Best SEO techniques to Get More Visitors

Everyone likes to show their post’s in search engine (Google/Bing/Yahoo) in the First page results,  If you are running a website for blogging then better to choose Either WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Blogspot , All this CMS(Content Management systems) offers separate plugin’s  to Optimize SEO(Search Engine Optimization’s)


All in one SEO Pack  for Blogspot

Yoast  plugin for WordPress

Path/Path Auto module for Drupal

SEO Simple/SEO-Generator  for Joomla

By default all the major CMS’s offers lot of plugin’s to optimize each post’s, Now the Question  is how can I use this plugin’s for other websites(Non CMS Integrated Websites) or  how do i make sure my post is 100% SEO Optimized even though  I use some plugin’s and how to use Best SEO Techniques to my blog/website.

Best SEO techniques

Steps to achieve 100% SEO

Domain Names

Choose a Domain Name Relevant to your Content (say if you concentrate more on health related articles, better to choose Domain name with “Health” included)


           Give a Home page/Post pages Title in between of 40-70 characters, recommended For Google Search, Yahoo and Bing doesn’t consider.


Give a Home Page/Post Pages Meta Description in between of 120-156 characters, 156 is max limit, don’t specify more than that.

Word count

Post every article with minimum 300-350 words with clear description, posting a less words will help only if it’s unique, when it comes to competition it fails to achieve it(ex. If two sites having the same content then search position decides based on the count of words.


Consider Uniqueness, should post minimum 90-95% unique articles or content, when both sites has a similar content, but site which has better uniqueness then search engine ranks better for that website.

Keyword Density

Focus on Keyword density, If you are posting an article for mobile phone’s then at least make 3 to 5 keywords inside the article, density based in the below formula

Keyword density =No of words in the article/Keyword focused

Image with ALT Attributes

Add at least one Image per article with ALT attributes, better to use focused keyword title in ALT Tags

Page URL

Make sure URL of each page has a focused keyword of that article, Better to use the same keyword in Meta description

Clear Description:

Write articles in simple English, don’t use complicated words, this will help to keep customer back to your website, Better to use Flesch Reading Ease software and change according to the Guidelines.


Apart from this, add “About us”, “Privacy policy” page to your blog or website and specify Author Information.

Inbound links

Try to increase inbound links(such as back links) to your website from famous PR Ranked websites, This will help you to get Google page rank, once if your website get’s a rank, then automatically search engine ranks in better  positions.

Out bound links

Make some outbound links from your website to other famous websites, and make a strong internal link building within the website.

Older posts

If a website is older or a post is older then your ranking in search engine would be better, a new article until gets a less rank then a older posts.

Error Free

Make sure your whole site is error free, do a free check on W3C Validations and correct if needed.

Minimize Flash Content

Using Flash content will reduce page loading speed, this causes a negative impact in Search engines, better to avoid it.

Use all above points to reach 100% success on Search Engine Optimization.

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