Recovery operation in QTP -Tutorials and Examples

Recovery operation in QTP

The recovery operation  screen enables to specify the operation(s) Quick test performs after it detects the trigger event, it can consist of a mouse/keyboard event, close application, call a recovery function defined in library file or … Read More.

Regular expressions in QTP – Tutorials & Examples

What are Regular expressions in QTP?

Regular expression enables Quick Test to identify objects and text strings with varying values, Regular expressions are used when defining the properties of an object, the methods of an argument, when parameterizing a step, … Read More.

Synchronization point and Wait functions in QTP.

What is Synchronization point in QTP?

Synchronization is a method used in QTP to handle the time mismatch between QTP and AUT(Application under test, When  an application starts it will not always sink with the QTP Test due to Performance, … Read More.

How to use len,Right,left,mid and StrReverse functions in QTP?

In this article we would see the usage of len,left,right,mid and StrReverse functions in QTP.

Functions in qtp

How to find out length of the string in QTP?

To find a length of a string use len function, len function returns the … Read More.