Different types of Recording Modes in QTP?

Three Recording Modes in QTP with example

Quick test professional has designed with three different recording modes such as

  1. Default/Normal recording mode
  2. Analog/Keyword input recording mode
  3. Low Level recording mode

What is Default/Normal recording mode?

This recording mode is the default recording mode of QTP, When you open QTP and click on (F3) or press record button to set the Default recording mode, it used to record the objects and operation performed with the objects, In Default recording mode it does not recognize keyboard and mouse input’s

Navigation to Perform Default/Normal recording mode

Open QTP->Select any Test->Click on Record button or Press F3 or From Automation Menu->Click Record

Recording Modes in QTP-Record

Before that make sure Record and run settings in Web and Windows application tab, should be default as “Record and Run test on any open browser” under web tab and under Windows Application Tab, it should be “Record and run test on any open windows based application”

Recording Modes in QTP-Record and Run settings

Navigation to Change Record and run settings:

From Automation Menu->Select Record and Run settings

Ex. Record with default /Normal recording mode

  1. Open Flight reservation application and record with default /Normal recording mode and observe the code generated by QTP Engine.

To stop the recording at any instant,  Press (F4) in Keyboard to stop it.

Recording Modes in QTP-Recorded code

Analog Recording modes:

Second type of recording mode is analog recording mode, in this mode qtp recognize mouse and keyboard operation either related to screen or application, this mode is helpful to record exact mouse move operations, ex. dragging the mouse to write the signature.

Two types of analog recording modes are available.

  1. Record specific to window
  2. Record relative to screen

To do Analog recording, first you have to be in Normal recording mode, then only we can shift to analog recording

Recording Modes in QTP-Anolog recording

Navigation to do Analog recording modes in qtp:

  1. Press F3(Normal Recording mode)
  2. After that Press (Shift+ALT+F3)

Find the below image for better understandings

Recording Modes in QTP-Normal recording

Record to Specific window:

In this step, we can record the analog properties for a constant window; during recording this window is constant

Record relative screen:

During recording if a screen is changed then changed screen mouse and keyboard inputs can be recognized in this step.

How to change from analog to default recording mode:

To Change from analog to normal, Press (CRTL+SHIFT+F4), after pressing this it will come back to normal mode.

Low level recording modes in qtp:

Low level recording mode is another recording mode of qtp, in this mode,  qtp identify the objects and operation  in the application of non recordable objects also, say if any dynamic objects in web is not able to identify by qtp then in this low level recording mode, qtp identifies and convert it in to windows objects.

To Record Low level recording mode

  1. Do a normal recording , Press F3
  2. Then do a Low level recording , Press CTRL+Shift+F3

Low level recording can be used only in objects or environments not supported by qtp, when a particular location of the test is necessary for each cycle of test.

So all this three levels of recording can be used in a single test, and can be switch in between from any instance.

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