Download YouTube videos faster in one click

How to Download YouTube videos online Easy and Fast without any software

Download Videos from popular websites such as YouTube, Daily motion in one click using simple online site called

Download YouTube

Now the Question is many software’s are there to download Videos, then why special in this?

Normal Method people will use to download youtube videos are

Copying the desired Video URL and pasting into any external video converter website/software, instead of that savefrom helps to reduce the copy pasting job to your browser, using this simple software you can add prefix to any video in the browser to download.

Let’s take a popular website YouTube as an example, if you are selecting any video or watching any video then just add “SS” as Prefix in your video URL

Before adding prefix


After adding prefix


After adding the prefix just Enter it, it redirects to and your video will automatically loads it, after loading, ‘Download’ option will enable to download the selected video, same method can be used to download videos from Mobile/Desktop/Laptop.

Alternate method

Download Video with help of Helper

If you download the helper software and installed in your Desktop/laptop (enable Add on) then on watching YouTube video you will get a download option to download with desired quality.

This software not only downloads the Video, additionally you can get an option to convert the video to different formats such as, FLV,MP4, WebM, 3GP, 3D MP4, 3DWebM.


Different methods to download video in, they are

  • Add prefix to Video URL Ex. , Most Recommended Method
  • Open, Enter Video URL in input field and click on Download or Press Enter
  • Add or before video URL



  • Use browser add-on to download faster to download in one click.

Apart from YouTube videos, this software supports other resources also they are:

Advantage in this method is, you can save the video directly from the browser’s cache, you can save your time and bandwidth in this process, but keep in mind once a browser is closed at any reason then you cannot resume your downloads, again you have to do the same process.

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