How to find keyword positions in Google,Yahoo and Bing search

How to find your serp position in Google, Yahoo and Bing?

This article will be much useful for Webmasters to find their exact keyword or serp positions in search engines such Google, Yahoo, and Bing at a time, just input your site name and keyword, this free tool will find the exact expected keyword/serp in which positions are located in search engines.

Step 1:

Enter the below URL

Step 2:

Select Keyword Positions Link

Step 3:

Input your Site name in Your Domain textbox (ex.

find keyword positions in Google-Enter Site name

Select which search engines you want to search (select the checkboxes below to the input textbox, ex.,,

These are the major search engines; if you wish to select other search engines then you have to Click More Link and can able to select regional based search engines.

After Selecting the desired language and search engine, the next step is to select Page range, by default it loaded with 1-10 positions (first page), in order to explore your search, you have to select the position or page range from the Page range Dropdown.

After selecting all the search criteria, input your Keywords in the keyword text area, at a time you can enter up to 30 keywords.

One all the keywords and Selections are made then click on  Check Position button to start your search in the selected search engines(such as google, yahoo, Bing and custom selected search)

find keyword positions in Google-Check Position

It will take couple of seconds to search the positions based on your input quantity, once search is done then it will generate the results with exact positions in the selected search engines.

find keyword positions in Google-Summary

In the above results it shows for a Keyword called ‘Checkpoints in qtp’ is appearing in 20th position in Google, 15th position in yahoo and bing, by default it takes US IP, in order to change the regional based search select more in Search engine Filter.

To Get Better serp position, do SEO Analysis and SEO techniques for your website.

Other best tools to find keyword positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Apart from Smallseotools the above sites are best to find the serp/Keyword position in search engines such as (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc)

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