How to copy content from entire website to local system

Do you want to copy content from entire website to local System, or Hard disk or any other external disk, Traditional methods are copying page by page content and pasting to word files, it needs lot of patience and hard work if a website has more hyperlinks or pages, so how to copy the entire content?, a simple efficient method is to use website copier, using website copier you can download all pages and store it in your local system and can be browsed offline without even internet, it gives you the feel like you are browsing online.

List of best website copier to download the websites


HTTrack is a famous website copier with excellent features, It’s a free software with General public license, it copies the entire website from the world wide web and produces a copy the same files which were stored in the server, it includes images, html, php and server files, This famous software is available for Linux, Windows operating systems and it’s intact with all latest browsers, Biggest advantage from this site is ease of use, just download and configure the URL which you need to download the files, depends on size of images and files it copies it.


Step 1:

Install HTTrack software, Specify your local directory and Project name, refer the below screenshot for more clarity.

copy content from entire website-HT

Step 2:

Enter the website address you want to copy the files/images, here you can give multiple websites name in the web Address (URL) Area.

copy content from entire website-Ht

Step 3:

Specify the Flow Control; enter the no of connections, Timeout limit and other settings etc.

copy content from entire website-WinHTT

Step 4

Mention the filter area, in this area you can filter, which type of file you can include/exclude which copying the website (ex. Flash can be excluded)

copy content from entire website-WinHTT

Step 5

After the settings click on ok button to start the files to download, download process can be seen by the user and also can get how much files has been copied and how much time to took, status with single file can be viewed here.

copy content from entire website-Byte

Step 6:

Once all the files are successfully downloaded from the website then window shows the mirror is finished, so in the desired local location you can browse the website at offline.

copy content from entire website-Project



Another Professional website copier is Inspyder, it helps you to copy the mirror of the website to offline its available free, just download and follow the process to download the whole website.

copy content from entire website-Inspyder


Specify the root URL, Save folder (destination folder), Maximum link depth, Maximum file count, Specify exclude pages and password forms.

SurfOffline  website Downloader

It supports both http and https URL’s , it supports Proxy connections, supports flash, all types of files, multimedia, Javascript and Ajax



Open source Website copier

Website copier is being developed by a community and released in source forge; they built in using .Net Platform, reviews for this software is good and can be used instantly by downloading it.


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