Upload large backup files to phpmyadmin in Godaddy.

This article is all about how to Upload large backup files to phpmyadmin in Godaddy.

If you are running a website with huge data, and needs to transfer your host with some other then it’s a challenging task, especially in Godaddy  hosting, not only in Godaddy hosting almost every shared hosting provider, let us take  Godaddy as an example and see how to upload your huge data in to Godaddy phpmyadmin.

Step 1:

Take a back up files from your current host, if you are running a website with admin panel and does an option to take the backup data, then it’s well and good  else login with your current hosting control panel->Then select MYSQL option, then select the database.

After that click on import button to import the database.

After clicking import button you will be navigating to the above screen, in that enter location the text file(where you need to import), then select MYSQL compatibility(By default None), Then click on Go button, database will get downloaded.

Step 2:

Exporting small size files:

If you have a small db with less data then you can do an export easily for your imported files, as seen in the below image, you have to click Export Button.

After clicking Export button select type of file which you need to export, either csv, or excel, SQL, XML, PDF, by default will be SQL

Exporting large size files

Incase if you have large data for ex. If you have 25 MB of data, then it’s difficult to export all the data in to one shot, ex. If you are uploading a large size file, then you will be getting an error size is more/Huge data, in Godaddy when you export a large data, it shows larger size error.

So how to upload the data without any loss? Either you have use a external software such as Acronis or NetBackup else you have to split you sql file in to small pieces then you need to either export or Directly enter in the queries.

In Godaddy it supports only 2 MB  for direct export, so break your large sql file in to small 2  Mb files then export it, don’t forget to insert a insert query when you break the pieces in to smaller one.

For ex.  If you breaking a data which inserts in to a user table, then on second piece you have to insert an insert query at the beginning of SQL file.

SQL Query: Insert in to user values(column name1, column name2)

Same way you have to practice for all pieces of data which you divided.

In Godaddy if you request to support/support forums, you will find/get the solution as below seen in the image.

The above image was a solution which I received from Godaddy support, so if anyone is troubling to export database then follow the above steps to resolve it.

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