Intro, Features and benefits of QTP.

QTP (Quick Test Professional) is Mercury’s advanced keyword-driven testing solution, QTP is a graphical user interface testing tool created by the HP subsidiary mercury interactive for functional test and regression test automation, Quick Test Professional is designed the needs of both technical and non technical users, it enables to deploy higher-quality applications faster, cheaper, and with less risk, QTP enables to test standard web objects, ActiveX controls and visual basic controls, QTP uses a scripting of VB script to specify the test procedure, and to Work the objects and controls of the application  under test.

benefits of QTP
benefits of QTP

QTP Supports different kind of applications such as

Standard windows applications

Web objects

ActiveX Controls



SAP(Applications and products data processing)

Visual basic application




Features and benefits of QTP

Operate standalone, or integrated into mercury business process testing and mercury quality enter

Fast: Quick Test runs significantly faster than human users

Reliable: Test perform precisely the same operations each time they are run, eliminating human error

Reusable: The tests can be reused on different versions of website or application, even if the user interface changes, introduce next-generations “zero configuration” keyword driven testing technology in Quick Test Professional –allowing for fast test creation, easier maintenance, and more powerful data-driving capability.

Promote collaboration and sharing of test assets among testing groups through enterprise class object repository

Identify objects with unique smart object reorganization, even if they change from build to build, enabling reliable unattended script execution

Manage multiple object repositories with ease to facilitate the building of automation frameworks and libraries.

Handle unforeseen application events with recovery manager, facilitating 24/7 testing to meet test project deadlines

Reduce time to resolve defects by automatically reproducing defects and identify problems with the built in test execution recorder.

Collapse test documentation and test creation to a single step with auto documentation technology

Easily data definition, method -drive any object, checkpoint, and output value via integrated data table.

Preserve your investments in mercury win runner by leveraging existing test scripts written in the test scripting language with assets from the Quick test Professional/Win runner integration.

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