List of Best PPC Networks for Indian Traffic

PPC=Pay per click , it means how much you can get per click from the Advertisers, Apart from Adsense so many other best PPC networks are available for Indian Traffic.

Why do we need to choose Other PPC rather than Adsense?

Well, it’s a question from everyone’s mind, when adsense pays a decent amount per click for Indian traffic then why do we need to choose others, because…

Suspended From Adsense

Not Getting Enough CTR(Click Through Rate)

Not getting Enough CPC(Cost Per Click)

Need to use along with Adsense Network for Additional Income.

List of Best PPC Networks in India


It’s one of the most familiar and best Performance Networks, They do have PPC Campaigns for selected Websites with huge Traffic, They have big clients such as Google, Microsoft, HSBC, Monster, 99Acres, AOL, BharatMatrimony, Bigadda etc…This Network is Asia Pacific , so other than india, all asian regions publishers can also  join and Get handsome income.


Zedo is a powerful Ad network supports both PPC and Performace Networks, in Zedo you can  directly sell your web space online, advertisers purchase the space at rental basis, so a huge traffic website will generate more revenue than less, mostly their CPC in the range of 0.5 to 2.5$


One of the fastest growing and best adverting platform for both publishers and Web masters, you have several options to integrate your code and can able to select different size of the ads, CPC are more if a Ad is clicked through organic search, most of the bloggers and organization customized their web pages using chitika, it supports PPC, CPC is good than other networks.


If you have thousands of impressions, then your best option is buysellads, because you can bid your space to lot of advertisers, they are ready to advertise if a site has a lot of visitors.


A famous Indian Affiliate network which helps to optimize your websites, remember it supports only an Indian traffic, other traffic clicks or impressions are not considered, Advertisers in Adchakara are canon, Acer, MakemyTrip, Wipro, HDFC Bank and Airtel.


Another great network for Indian traffic blogs/ website is AdsforIndians, Advertisers  for first time they can start up with  a little 10$(600 indian rupee), Advertsiers can get 50-100 clicks depends on the campaign they selected, Supports Credit card as a Payment options, a flat 1.5 rupees for banner ads, publishers with minimum 100 impressions (Indian traffic) can apply and get approval from this site, minimum payout for publishers is 500 INR.


This PPC network is not only  works out for india, it supports worldwide, old PPC network which pays for every click and conversions, below are the information about their earning methods.

Best PPC Networks-Bidvertiser


it supports slider ads and many more, let us see what Qadabra promises

Best PPC Networks-qadabra


infolinks pays when users engage with your site and clicks infolinks ads, it supports inline ads and one among the best PPC networks all over the world.

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