List of Reliable and Best HYIP Monitors List.

HYIP–High Yield Investment Programs

How to invest in HYIP?, Where can I see Paying HYIP’s List, Which HYIP Monitor is Best or which are the best HYIP monitors can refer to invest ? In this article will see which are all the best and top HYIP Monitors.

Best HYIP Monitors


The most honest and old best HYIP Monitor, Adding to Goldpoll is easier , if you created a HYIP Site and you need to Add it to in Goldpoll to advertise your HYIP site,

Best Hyip Monitors-Goldpoll

However there is a minimum Amount(perfect money/Paypal) you have to spend to get listing in their monitors, they don’t have any paid listing, everyone have a equal chances and they list based on few factors(lifetime, payments, Hosting and scripts), Features are Lifetime, monitoring, admin rate, user rate, and funds return(in percentage), Newest HYIP’s will be listing in the last of their monitors.

HYIP Explorer

The second Best HYIP Monitor is HYIPExplorer, UI is better than Goldpoll, however the same procedure you have to follow to get list into their monitors, webmasters should pay monitoring fee to get monitored from their sites, one of the reliable and quick status updates will be available,

Best Hyip monitors-HyipExplorer

Their features are Programs desc, latest payouts, Payment rates, Votes/Comments, Withdrawal type of the programs, Listing days, Discussion, Abuse Report,  and vote now Options are available, and also they have premium. Top performer, under trail HYIP’s based on their factors they keep the programs in high ratings.

All HYIP Monitors

‘N’ Number of monitors are available in internet, if you decided to invest in any of the HYIP,keeping in mind if you know where and all a decided hyip is being monitored  or already monitoring then all in one area you can see in All HYIP Monitors, (Ex. If a HYIP is Monitored in both Goldpoll and HYIP Explorer then All HYIP Monitors will automatically list the specific HYIP and shows the status of whether paying or not),

Best Hyip Monitors-AllHyipMonitors

You have an search option so you can search even an Old/closed HYIP’s Status as well, This shows Scam HYIP’s and Closed or Not paid HYIP’s List as well, In order to get list in All HYIP monitor you must get listed in any of the standard monitors such as (Goldpoll/ HYIP Explorer).

Hot HYIPs Monitor

It’s a HYIP Monitor service which is organized by Goldcoders, They do have an offer if you buy an hyip script from goldcoders then you can get 1000 banner impressions in Hot hyip’s ,

Best Hyip Monitors-HotHyip

UI is too bad, it doesn’t show much clear about the HYIP’s, to add your HYIP’s in their directory, you have to spend a little 20$ to add it in Trail Listing, which is more cheaper than other big monitors, but the service is poor as it is, for start up hyip sites, it’s quite affordable and cheap to advertise in Hot HYIP monitor.

GS Monitor

Another Professional HYIP Monitor, Which Keep updates the Scam, Paying and problem Hyip Sites, They have Premium, Normal, and Scam listings are available, A unique HYIP Articles and reviews also posted in this site,

Best Hyip Monitors-GSmonitor

To advertise/ To monitor in these site , Hyip site owner should deposit some money(usually  more than 100$ to get listed in  Normal Listing, To get Listed in Premium they charge more than 200$) in GS Monitor.

Popular HYIP Monitor

They don’t carry the monitoring service, but they monitor from the other Monitors, same as All hyip monitor, To get listed your HYIP in this site, your site must be advertised in any of the monitors(Goldpoll, HYIPExplorer, MNO, HyipNews, HYIP-Analysis), They will give the banner code, so these banner codes you can integrate with your site to show up the status,

Best Hyip monitor-Popular Hyip

They have an excellent search area where you can search based on status, plan, days online, show maximum, DDOS Protection, Principal Return, Referral Bonus, Rating, withdraw type, minimum, and votes , also listing the Scam HYIP’s as soon as Possible in Popular Hyip.


Another hyip monitor which has a flexible search option to search any Hyip manager, it checks all hyip websites investments status at once, despite by default it shows most popular hyip websites it also has an option to see latest scam hyips, for each hyip it list in ascending order with clear indication of Paying status, days online and promised paying percentage in AllMonitors.

Best HYIP Monitors-Allmonitors

Other Complete List of Best/Paying/Reliable/Trusted HYIP Monitors/Analyzers.

Complete list of Best HYIP Monitors
Monitor Name Monitor Link
Hyip Analysis Http://
Money News Online
All Monitors Http://
Top Hyip CF Monitor Http://
Hyip Trusted
AZ Hyip Monitor
Analyzer Team
Real Pay Hyip Http://
Mon Hyip Http://
Instant Cam Alert Http://
GS Monitor Http://
All Hyip Monitor Http://
Invest Tracing
All Hyip Zone
Max Hyip
Hyip Q2
Metro Hyip Http://
Where 2 Invest
czech hyip monitor Http://
Top all-hyip’s Http://
Hyip park Http://
top 100 poll
global cash site
Invest hyip monitor
Angels monitor Http://
Shu monitor Http://
hyip factory Http://
best hyip toinvest
Perfectmoney Investment
HyipMonitors Http://
Silver Monitors Http://
Hyip Funding
All World Hyip Http://
Max Hyip Http://
All Hyip Zone Http://
Hyips Analysis Http://
u Hyip’s Http://
Popular Hyip monitor
Secure Hyip Monitor
Paying Hyip Online
On Hyip’s
Monitor Invest
Hyip Worthy
Hyip scope Http://
Every Hyip
Hyip Checker Http://

Above are the lists of Trusted and best HYIP Monitors List.

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