Shared hosting reviews -Godaddy vs ipage

Lot of people in the internet searching day by day which hosting and domain provider needs to be used of their business, in this article will see two reputed hosting and domain providers and their comparisons

Do you know which web hosting provider is best among Godaddy or ipage?

Let’s compare the services

Godaddy vs Ipage  Vs      Godaddy vs Ipage

Server comparison Godaddy vs ipage:

In order to run a good online business, web masters should keep their site alive for 24 hours  a day, so choosing a hosting provider who gives a better service with less cost is most important, most  of the startup bloggers or business providers will start with shared hosting, so the question is in shared hosting  who is giving a better service:


Ipage presently utilizes two data centers , located in Bostan , MA area combined, they ran on N+1 power (both AC/DC) with network architecture, ipage by using the routers they connect to BGP, Load balancer  acts as a middle layer of BGP and storage, so customer’s web pages are speeding up even though if it’s in heavy load.


Godaddy uses a common storage with network architecture, it has almost tera bytes of memory in common servers which shares the clients web pages across the networks , and they use caching algorithms  to speed up web pages.

Based on server/network architecture form out personal experience ipage is lagging then Go daddy, most of the time their server was unable to reach, but Godaddy has huge server capacity then ipage.

Service Comparison Godaddy vs ipage:


Ipage has only one plan for shared hosting, they change their plan cost from day1, they don’t have constant plans, most of the time their monthly plan is less than 2$(more than 70% discount), means 24$ per year, It includes

Offers Unlimited host space

Offers  Unlimited data transfer/Bandwidth

Offers  Unlimited Domains can be hosted

Offers  MySQL Data bases


Godaddy  has three different plans for shared hosting.

  1. Economy plan : 4$ per month after discount

Economy plan includes

Can host only one Domain

Offers Unlimited Bandwidth

Offers 100GB Disk Space

Offers  10 MySQL Data bases

Offers  100 Email Addresses

  1. Deluxe Plan -5$ per month after discount

Deluxe  plan includes

Can host unlimited Domains

Offers Unlimited Bandwidth

Offers Unlimited Disk Space

Offers  25 MySQL Data bases(200 MB storage per DB)

Offers  500 Email Addresses

Offers customizable mobile site

  1. Ultimate Plan -8$ per month after discount

Can host unlimited websites/Domains

Offers Unlimited Bandwidth

Offers Unlimited Disk Space

Offers unlimited databases

Offers 1000 Email Address

Includes customizable mobile site

Offer includes Premium DNS service

Includes SSL Certificate

Includes Malware Scanner

Above are the plans offered by both the providers, both assures 99.9% uptime, but as lot of people complaints about  Ipage, it doesn’t provide 99.9 % uptime, godaddy has a downtime but not that much compare to Ipage

Additional Features Includes with shared hosting plan-Godaddy vs ipage

When you buy a shared hosting, along with that some additional features will get includes

Ipage offers

Ease and free access to online marketing guides

Google web master tools

Offers 100$ google adwords  credit

Offers 25$  yahoo or Bing sponsored credit

Offers 50$ Credit for face book advertising

Offers a Free yellow pages listing

Offers Free Toll free Numbers for business only for US Customers

Offers a free drag and drop site builder

Offers a free Template based site builder

Offers a free blog set up wizard

Offers a free Photo Gallery Setup Wizard

Offers a  free Google Custom Search Engine

Offers a site security alert lock

Offers a visitors Statistics/Site Traffic Reporting

Offers Free Emails/ Email Forwarding

Offers Free Webmail

Offers customizable Auto responders

Offers Customizable Spam Filters

Offers Virus Checking

Offers one click install of CMS such as Drupal/Wordpress/Joomla

Godaddy Offers

Offers one click install of CMS such as Drupal/Wordpress/Joomla

Offers Free Email services

Offers Free SSL Certificates

Offers Website Performance monitor

Offers free web stats and site usage reports

Compare to additional Features Ipage Rocks , as because all free advertising credit or offered by ipage, godaddy fails to give it.

Support -Godaddy vs ipage:

One of the main concern after purchasing any hosting plan is support, support is more important to solve technical problems


Ipage  has a live chat support, if any minor problems are any issue was raised and need to know how long does it take to resolve it, then ipage chat service is more easier and provides instant support.


Godaddy doesn’t have any online chat support, so at instance any problem occurs then you need to wait till the response arrives, so instant support is not available.

Based on support ipage rocks, because of their live chat support.

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