Simple way to create or manage Google apps alert to your desired email

How to create or manage Google apps alert to your desired email?

Every day from Google users will get new updated apps; apps are either created by Google or a Community people, To avail all the apps, first you should know what are the apps are released, by organic search you cannot get all the apps which were released, so every new apps which were released by Google/community people you must know about that, to do so you have to set the alerts in Google, this alerts includes Android apps, Videos, Discussion, News Blogs, Books, Chrome updates etc.

Refer the below image for the benefits about google apps and how do we need to configure them.

manage Google apps alert

How to create Google Apps Alert


Step 1:

Enter the following address in your browser and Enter

manage Google apps alert-Email Config

Step 2:

By default search query displays Google apps, you can change as per your requirements (ex. Android).

Then Change the Result type to Video/ Discussion/ News/ Blogs/ Books etc.

manage Google apps alert-Result Type

Step 3:

Change the frequency how often do you need to get the Google apps alert, change once a day, once a week, or as it happens.

manage Google apps alert-How Often

Step 4:

Set the alert how many Apps alert you wish to receive, only the best results or all results.

manage Google apps alert-How many

Step 5:

Enter your email to get Google Apps Alert though your email based on the frequency selected, after entering an email choose either create or Manage Alert, Manage alert redirects you to login to Gmail Account as a Google User, Create alert will create an alert with the specified email address.

Once successfully set the alert then you will get the alerts to the given email address based on the search query set while creating the alert.

Refer the image attached above to see the example alert received from google apps.

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