What are the Bitmap checkpoints in QTP?

Bitmap Checkpoints -Overview

QTP ‘s Quickest enables to compare objects in a web page or application by matching’s captured bitmaps, QTP allows to select a particular area of a web page to be tested.

Open QTP with a new blank test (Start->All programs->Quick test Professional -> Quick test Professional)

Open Flight Application From start Menu(Start->All programs-> Quick test Professional->Sample Application->Flight), Login window of Flight Reservation opens up

Type Agent name, should be 4 characters or more and enter password as “mercury” and click ok button

The Flight reservation window opens up after successful login

Click on record toolbar button(or Automation menu->record else  Press F3 button), when record mode is selected, “Record and run settings window open up, Go to “Windows Applications” tab and choose first option “Record and run test on any open windows based application and click on ok

IN QTP, Go to Insert(menu)->Checkpoint->Bitmap checkpoint or Press 124 from Keyboard The mouse pointer will become hand and QTP will be minimized

Click on the “Flights…” button in the flight application

It will open “object selection –Checkpoint Properties” window(with Win button : Flight highlight).click

Bitmap checkpoints in QTP-Object Selection

It will open Bitmap Checkpoint properties window with the bitmap selected, To check a selected area of the object, click the select area button, Use the crosshairs pointer to specify the area to be selected

Bitmap checkpoints in QTP-Properties

Click ok button

QTP generates the script in the expert view , the script look like as below

Window(“Flight Reservation”).Win Button(“FLIGHT”).Check Checkpoint(“FLIGHT”) —Ex for bit map checkpoint

Bitmap checkpoints in QTP -Keyword View

Click stop recording

Save the test.

Run and test, View the results.

Bitmap checkpoints in QTP

How to get fail Test result:

Ensure that this test and Flight application is open

In the Flight application, enter the Date of Flight, Fly From and Fly to area’s and don’t enter any other things.(Because we need to check   FLIGHT(QTP captures the image and compare)…”button is enabled or not)

Click on Run

Bitmap checkpoints in QTP-Results

It will run the test and show the result as “Fail” This is because QTP was looking for a disabled “Flight..” Button for which it recorded the information at te record time, but now since the button was enabled at run time,  because of that result shows failed.

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